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Self-Watering Planter

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Planning a long vacation but don't want to neglect your plants? Or does your work require you to be away for long periods of time that you can't get around to your watering chores? Or maybe just a teeny tiny bit forgetful? Make sure to get this self-watering planter for your little green babies.

Self Watering Plant Pots



The self-watering mechanism works by having two layers of pots with a cotton rope in between. The rope wicks water from the bottom pot into the upper pot where it hydrates the soil and your plant. With these self-watering plant pots, you won't have to water your plants everyday. Filling the bottom pot once or twice a week would be sufficient.

Self Watering Pot - cotton rope




Both layers of these self-watering planters are made of high-quality AS plastic material, which is durable and resistant to cracks. The bottom layer is clear so you can easily see the water level and know when it's time for a refill. Adding water is a cinch with its convenient water input mouth situated between the two layers.

Self Watering Plant Pot - water input mouth



The top pot has a modern design with a frosted texture. It comes in two different colors to suit your taste. You can choose between classic white and versatile gray, both of which blend in perfectly with most home decor styles. The top pot also has breathable holes on the base so your plant roots can air out. This allows them to breathe freely and prevents them from rotting.

Self Watering Plant Pots



These self-watering pots are perfect for herbs, flowers, succulents, bonsai, and other house plants. It comes in four different sizes, from extra small to large. Please refer to the size table below.

Size Outer Diameter (cm) Upper Pot Height (cm) Total Height (cm)
XS 8.2 7.2 11.3
S 10.5 9 13.8
M 15.3 11 18.2
L 23.5 18 26.4


Go on, take that vacation you always wanted. Leave your plants to these self-watering pots and you won't have to worry about them wilting while you're away.



1 x self-watering planter (plants and flowers not included)


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