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Mandoline Slicer - Blue
Mandoline - Maroon
Mandoline Cutter - julienne vegetables easily
Mandoline Slicer - grinder
Mandoline Slicer
Mandoline Vegetable Slicer
Mandoline Kitchen Tool - cut, slice, grate, grind

Mandoline Slicer

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Want to eat clean and healthy food but too lazy for food preparation? Looking for an efficient way to cut and slice your vegetables? This mandoline slicer comes with three different blades so not only does it slice vegetables, it can also grate cheese and grind nuts. All these with a simple crank of your arm!


Mandoline Cutter - benefits

The blades of this vegetable slicer are made of sharp stainless steel so it takes less effort to cut through them. Slice through potatoes and cucumbers like a samurai. Make julienne slices like Gordon Ramsay. Even hard vegetables like carrots and potatoes are no match for these blades!

With its round barrel design, the blades cover a larger surface area. This increases the cutting surface so that none of your effort is wasted. This can save loads of time - time you could otherwise use for doing something more enjoyable, such as actually eating your food (instead of preparing) or spending time with your family.


Mandoline Kitchen Tool - benefits

This mandoline slicer has a strong suction base so it sticks firmly to your countertop. This allows you to turn the handle with ease, without the device slipping or skidding. It has a safety pusher so that your hands and fingers don't get close to the blades. No more knife cuts, no more bloody fingers! This mandoline slicer was designed with your safety in mind.


Vegetable Slicer - easy julienne slices

All the parts of this mandoline slicer are dishwasher safe, so it's not only the meal prep that's easy, but the aftercare is a breeze too!

Planning a get together? Use this mandoline slicer to cut your vegetables and wow your guests with professional-looking food. Make your guests wonder if you've secretly taken a MasterClass.

Cut, grate, grind - this mandoline slicer can do it all! Now, meal prep doesn't have to be such a bore.


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